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Marine Archaeology & Research Insurance

We know the importance of Marine Archaeology and with times moving forward fast, deep sea exploration is becoming cheaper and more feasible with the help of technology.

With over 3 Million ship wrecks lying in todays ocean sea-beds, it’s only a matter of time before we can get to explore more of these historical sites.

Every step of the process can be covered and fit into a tailor made suite of policies. From Professional Indemnity Insurance for the planning and permission stage, Vessel and Crew Cover for the ocean going journey, Public Liability Insurance for the diving and Material Damage cover for the underwater equipment being used.

Whether you are looking for an annual policy or a project specific one, we can accommodate this for you.

We have good working relationships with the very few insurers that can offer cover in this very niche sector.

We aim to make the insurance arranging and buying process as smooth as possible to ensure you can concentrate on your business and we are more than happy to arrange a visit to talk it through.

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